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After a two-year study, a team of scientists reports their findings on the existence of ‘dark’ energy, declaring a 99.996% probability that the stuff is real. The fundamental reason behind the search for this energy source has to do with the expansion of the universe. According to classical theory, the total of all observable masses in the universe should generate enough gravitational effect to slow down this continual expansion that began with the Big Bang nearly 14 billion years ago. Instead, astronomers have observed that the universe is actually expanding at an increasing rate, causing some to conclude there must be an unseen energy source driving this acceleration. See this article with the usual sensational headline: http://news.yahoo.com/elusive-dark-energy-real-study-says-210930122.html. In spite of the sensational headlines indicating a new discovery, the fact remains that scientists supporting this concept still have no idea what this mysterious energy might be. 

Of course, the underlying issue here is that everything is being discussed from the assumption that every physical effect observed in the universe has an equally physical cause contained in the same universe, or what is known as the paradigm of absolute materialism. Yet the phenomenon of quantum entanglement plus other anomalies like the failure to discover a graviton are strong indicators that there is an underlying non-local cause (i.e., a cause outside and beyond the local space in which the observation is made) for much of the universe including the effect of gravity. As this article points out, visible and measurable matter and energy in the universe accounts for only 4% of all universal observations, both material and effectual that we have measured (the remainder is theorized by the materialistic paradigm to comprise 73% dark energy and 23% dark matter. This goes along very well with the known limitations of the Standard Model of physics that describes all fundamental particles and their interactions, which is said to explain perhaps only 6% of all known observable material and effects. Apparently, there’s a whole lot of universe that’s missing.

I always emphasize, however, that these concepts emerge directly from the conventional paradigm of a self-determining universe, or that every observable physical effect in what is believed to be an exclusively material universe must have an equally physical cause contained within that same material universe. While this is a majority view in the modern scientific community, it is by no means the only paradigm. A significant number of physicists accept the possibility of an extra-physical or non-material aspect of reality residing outside normal space-time, and that this other, non-local source may very well be responsible for some of the anomalous effects we have observed.   

Therefore, the argument for the existence of this mysteriously invisible dark energy is based almost entirely on the philosophical premise that the cause for this inexplicable cosmic expansion must be physical, even if we cannot see it and have no idea what it might be. According to this paradigm, if every cause must be physical and local, the cause must be an immeasurable, invisible physical component. But if we accept the possibility of an extra-material component of reality, then all we can say conclusively from this team’s findings is that there is a 99.996% probability that a real physical effect exists for which we cannot measurably detect any local physical cause to account for it. That’s a significantly different, and in my opinion, a more objective and even honest assessment of these findings, albeit far less sensational. In reality, the conclusion in favor of dark energy has no dependency on the actual detection of a physical cause, but on a philosophical belief that the cause must be physical.

I am sometimes asked if there might be other scientific theories that are similar to my cosmological model of supergeometrics described in Behind The Cosmic Veil. This is asked most often in sincere inquiry, but occasionally with the intent of discrediting my work. Perhaps the best example of a parallel concept from mainstream physics is described in an article published in the March 2009 issue of Scientific American entitled A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity. Although you need a subscription to SA to view it online (if you don't have the hard copy), the salient features of this article that parallel my model are as follows:

--The non-local nature of certain aspects of quantum mechanics demonstrates that, contrary to conventional reasoning (and conventional physics), the universe is more than can be accounted for by the sum total of all the physical particles and forces comprising it;
--That quantum non-locality (as exhibited in quantum entanglement) is not something that just appears to be real because of our limited ability to observe, nor is it an artifact from some other unknown physical process, but that non-locality is quite literally and unquestionably a part of physical reality;
--Subsequently, the underlying “cause” for all of physical reality is non-local, so that any theory accurately portraying the nature of the universe would also have to describe a non-local, non-physical cause for all things in the universe (!!!);
--That at some deep level of reality, events take place with “absolute spontaneity” or in other words, a given event happens everywhere in the universe simultaneously without the need for its cause to travel to the location of that event across any span of space, or at any given velocity, or without any passage of time, meaning that every fundamental eventful cause occurs at a level of reality where the normal confines of space and time do not apply except for a state of absolute “here” (everywhere in the universe at once) and absolute “now” (again, everywhere in the universe at once);
--That the non-local, absolute spontaneity of geometric space and the matter occupying it also indicates that time itself has a non-local origin—that events of the past must occur simultaneously on some level with the present in order to determine the future (!!!);
--That quantum non-local causality is the result of some unknown wave function;
--That according to the math, these wave functions cannot occur in the physical realm of four-dimensional space-time, but only in a super-dimensional realm called configuration space from which the illusion of four-dimensional space-time and its relativistic local causality emerge.

You can imagine my excitement when first reading these cutting edge concepts in theoretical physics that validate the very same conclusions reached in my book, the rudimentary elements of which were first conceived by me almost three decades ago. The timeless and spaceless superphysical patriverse, the super-dimensional wave functions of diffluence, the curved geometry of space-time unfolding from it, the underlying interconnection of all things, the non-local origin of local reality—it’s all there. If you fill in the missing parts by inserting the physical concepts derived from my study of paranormal phenomena and the principles of Biblical cosmology, both of which are completely consistent with and complimentary to these ultra-modern ideas from the scientific community, a comprehensive vision of reality within this “configuration space” finally emerges. It is quite literally the very same supergeometric model set forth in my book.

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I was told by a number of listeners that there was a problem with the link I posted for this interview's archive. I wrote to host Dr. Brooks Agnew who looked into it and found the problem. To go directly to the show archive page, use the following: http://www.x2-radio.com/archives_9_2012.htm. You'll notice the archive has three parts; this is because the show is three hours long, and so each part is a different hour. I come on near the end of the second hour but most of that is introducing myself and resolving the scheduling confusion (Dr. Agnew had lost track of our scheduled date, which is why I used the toll-free number to call in), but the main substance of the interview is found in part three. You'll hear that there was some problem with the audio that resulted in times where my voice is garbled and others where I couldn't hear Dr. Agnew speaking, but most of it went well. Again, this interview was my first with a host having a doctorate in physics, and so there are certain aspects of my work on the scientific side that received exceptional coverage. So if you're interested in the science behind my supergeometrics theory, or are one of those handful of listeners who have questioned the scientific foundation of the theory, you'll want to listen to this one. 
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Due to some mixup at the studio, I was not called in to the X-Squared Radio Show with Dr. Brooks Agnew as scheduled. Fortunately, I called in myself ont he toll-free line near the end of the second hour. After everyone checked their notes, the third hour went as planned. What an interview! Dr. Agnew holds a doctorate in physics, and so we were able to discuss some of the fundamentals of my supergeometric theory that strike at the very core of how the universe is put together. We were able to touch on dark matter, the Higgs Boson, the Standard Model, Michelson-Morley, the intricacies of gravity, Einsteinian space-time and a host of other aspects of physics. My definition of the universe as materialized information, my description of the bending of space and associated gravitational fields as a non-local cause rather than an effect of the physical content occupying space-time and how this can help us see the causes behind paranormal and supernatural
phenomena really got his attention. If you want to hear more of the hard physics behind my work, you'll want to catch the archive of this third hour I don't know when it will be posted, but you will find it at http://www.x2-radio.com/archives.html when it posts. My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Agnew for having me on the show. I hope to have the opportunity to continue this fascinating conversation in the near future.

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