I am sometimes asked if there might be other scientific theories that are similar to my cosmological model of supergeometrics described in Behind The Cosmic Veil. This is asked most often in sincere inquiry, but occasionally with the intent of discrediting my work. Perhaps the best example of a parallel concept from mainstream physics is described in an article published in the March 2009 issue of Scientific American entitled A Quantum Threat to Special Relativity. Although you need a subscription to SA to view it online (if you don't have the hard copy), the salient features of this article that parallel my model are as follows:

--The non-local nature of certain aspects of quantum mechanics demonstrates that, contrary to conventional reasoning (and conventional physics), the universe is more than can be accounted for by the sum total of all the physical particles and forces comprising it;
--That quantum non-locality (as exhibited in quantum entanglement) is not something that just appears to be real because of our limited ability to observe, nor is it an artifact from some other unknown physical process, but that non-locality is quite literally and unquestionably a part of physical reality;
--Subsequently, the underlying “cause” for all of physical reality is non-local, so that any theory accurately portraying the nature of the universe would also have to describe a non-local, non-physical cause for all things in the universe (!!!);
--That at some deep level of reality, events take place with “absolute spontaneity” or in other words, a given event happens everywhere in the universe simultaneously without the need for its cause to travel to the location of that event across any span of space, or at any given velocity, or without any passage of time, meaning that every fundamental eventful cause occurs at a level of reality where the normal confines of space and time do not apply except for a state of absolute “here” (everywhere in the universe at once) and absolute “now” (again, everywhere in the universe at once);
--That the non-local, absolute spontaneity of geometric space and the matter occupying it also indicates that time itself has a non-local origin—that events of the past must occur simultaneously on some level with the present in order to determine the future (!!!);
--That quantum non-local causality is the result of some unknown wave function;
--That according to the math, these wave functions cannot occur in the physical realm of four-dimensional space-time, but only in a super-dimensional realm called configuration space from which the illusion of four-dimensional space-time and its relativistic local causality emerge.

You can imagine my excitement when first reading these cutting edge concepts in theoretical physics that validate the very same conclusions reached in my book, the rudimentary elements of which were first conceived by me almost three decades ago. The timeless and spaceless superphysical patriverse, the super-dimensional wave functions of diffluence, the curved geometry of space-time unfolding from it, the underlying interconnection of all things, the non-local origin of local reality—it’s all there. If you fill in the missing parts by inserting the physical concepts derived from my study of paranormal phenomena and the principles of Biblical cosmology, both of which are completely consistent with and complimentary to these ultra-modern ideas from the scientific community, a comprehensive vision of reality within this “configuration space” finally emerges. It is quite literally the very same supergeometric model set forth in my book.



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